Zenith Laboratories Services include:

      • Compliance with new patients
      • Monitoring patient’s adherence to medication regime
      • Identifying substance abuse, misuse, diversion and addiction
      • Effectiveness of medication

Point of Care Testing which offers:

      • Presumptive Results
      • Billable Service

When Why and How should a urine drug screen take place?

      • Quarterly testing for compliance on all patients prescribed controlled substances
      • Anytime substance abuse is suspected
      • To establish the physician with a baseline on new patients to the practice
      • To establish a baseline on existing patients prescribed new controlled substances
      • Collect specimen
      • Send to Zenith
      • Results within 72 Hours

Test Selection

Zenith labs provides health care professionals the choice of:

      • Individual test selections
      • Predetermined panels of tests
      • Fully customizable panel.
      • Lab testing
      • In office point-of-care testing

Testing Method

Qualitative Immunoassay Screen
Single quantitation via LC-MS for individual drugs

    • Drugs, in efforts to tailor treatments for personalized care.
    • Helps Identify possible drug to drug inter